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1. who are you?

Hi, I'm Emmy. I'm 20. I go to NYU. I like acting. Making graphics is one of my hobbies *waves*

2. is that your real name?

It is now. I legally changed it this year from Massiel. Massiel was my old name and its what this community was originally called before I changed it.

3. why did you changed?

because I always felt Massiel was an ugly name... yeah, pretty much.

4. How do you look like?

Image hosted by

Graphic Related

5. what programs do you use?

I use Photoshop 6. I used to use Paint Shop Pro until it crashed on me. Most icons here are made with Photoshop though.

6. Where do you take your ideas from?

sadly, only the attitude buttons I can say its original. I tend to follow trends (like when i noticed text icons were in, I made text icons) Inspirations are ballroom, the staff of __heiressicons, and __iiicons

7. How long have you been making icons? why did you start

for like 1.5 years now... I started it as a way to cope from a horrible bad breakup ;(

I'm not really good at graphics in my opinion since it takes me a while to make things:
it takes me 30 minutes to make 1 icon. around 6 to 8 hours to make 1 mood theme, and around 2.5 hours to make a layout.


Layouts and moodthemes are hotlinkable. The members (WHO I LOVE TO DEATH!) paid for a photobucket account, so everyone can hot link.

9. can I distribute what I like?

Sorry but none of what I do is distributable. It just doesn't seem right to me...

10. Can you join my graphic community in making icons?

I wish I could but I barely have time for this community. sorry :\

11. how come you don't make icons of {so and so}?

there are SO many movies and artists that I wish I could make graphics out of (one is Linkin Park). Sadly most people here I think will reject those type of graphics because its not that what they like.. so I tend to stick with celebrities/movies that have general appeal here :)

12. I want to ask something else that's not in this FAQ :P

yeah, sure, comment on this FAQ and I'll most likely answer it :P
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