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How to Credit using Comments

If you look at my user pictures, you will notice that I credit all of my icons with user link credit instead of user text credit.

In a nutshell, you see this:

The credit is being given as an actual link, not just a text credit.

To be able to do this, please do the following.

1. Go to Manage then User Pictures

If you can not find it, here's the link.

2. Next to your icons, insert the following:

Keywords: Write here a description of the icon so you can identify it when you are picking icons to post comments/post with.
Comment: Write here the username of the person who created your icon (this includes yourself if you made your icon, that way if someone else does use your icon they can credit you*). Write out exactly what you see here but replace Massiel with whoever made your icon.

- There are many different ways to credit. These examples can be used:

by <lj user="massiel">
(c) <lj user="massiel">
credit: <lj user="massiel">
made by <lj user="massiel">
credit to <lj user="massiel">
credit (<lj user="massiel">)

just replace massiel with the name of the user you are giving crediting to. You can see how I deal with multiple icons by the same user in my user pictures.

so for example, a second icon could be credited like this:

Note that the ways you can credit a user is limitless, just make sure you credit in the first place! Icon makers like to be credited because crediting makes them feel appreciated, it motivates them to make more icons, plus its a great makerting device. With comments, it eliminates the whole copying and pasting a user name in the search box to get more icons. You are just now one link away!

and yes, you may link to this entry and add it to your memories

- emmysdream

* Please note that some users do not like it when others use their personal icons. When in doubt, ask the specific user nicely.

Additional Pointers:

joyck noted: (good note too!)
"i just wanted to mention that you can also just put a blank space in front of the lj user tag and it'll come up..

it'll show the same, but when you yourself see it in your 'manage -> usericons', it'll show the space. :) "

valkyries also pointed out that "for those whom dunno how to get the Copyright C simply hold Alt then Type 0169 and your get it so then It'd look like this: ©"

___ichigo said another way to get copyright sign is & copy ; without spaces ©
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Thank you so much! I've been dying to know this. xD
This is a good guide, I hope you don't mind if I link to it so others know how to properly credit a user (I'm so surprised at how many people will just take icons and not say anything about where they got it!)
sure, you can link it. the tutorial is totally linkable :)
oh this is a great entry! i hope you dont mind me linking this tutorial in my community :)
its cool. the tutorial is totally linkable :)

Deleted comment

I wrote this tutorial before LJ fixed the problem since they also noticed it. so yeah, I have to update it :)
oh, and i have a question, how do you link to a community as credit in your keywords?
same as a user it should automatically convert it over!


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

another way to get copyright sign is

& copy ;

without spaces

I added it in and credited you :)


11 years ago

You should post this to britneyicons that way I can add it to our memories!
done :)
You may want to know that it was only during the first month of the new "comment" option in user pictures where you couldn't have the exact same text in comments for two or more icons. For months now you have been able to have the same exact text without adding spaces or anything of the like. Please see my icons for an example. You may want to remove the part of your tutorial refferencing that problem since it's no longer a problem. =]
That's a very good tutorial. I always just do this to credit in my comments:
Blah, blah icon [username of creator]
Thank you for this! I never knew how people made the links in the user pictures:p
Hi. I really like your icons, etc. and I was wondering if you could add me please? Thanks a lot :]
i thought I would show you this, i think you made it
thank you soo much babe!
How do you link this to memories?
LOL This is too fabulous - thanks so much for creating this! I added it to the resources page at my icon community. ;D
yeah! i've always wanted to know how to this! can i add u? thanx!
yeah, sure :D