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Header Contest!

I have decided to be more interactive with you guys, so lets do a Header contest! I will be the judge and who ever wins gets to have their header on emmysdream for the entire month of July (I will do a layout to suit the header so don't worry :p)

-530 pixels by 350 pixels (width x height)like this
- Must say "YOURLJNAME for EmmysDream/Emmy's Dream/ however you want to write the community's name"
^--- it can be ANY size, any font, however visible, at the top right, bottom left, or whatever, but this is to recognize your awesome work!!!! :D just make sure it blends in with the header and doesn't clashes. you can ALSO use quotes in addition to this single credit tag too. It doesn't even have to say for, you can write YOURLJNAME/EmmysDream or LJNAME - EmmysDream, whatever, as long as it has your name & community's name

Any celebs, Any image, Any Style, Any art, whatever, the sky is the limit. Deadline is July 1st. I will decide on July 1st, install it, and it will be up until the start of August, if its really pretty, it might be kept longer, but there is a one month minimum here :D

ALL comments are screened! remember to put your name on it! :D close to 4,000 members have a chance to see your name!

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